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back at the beginning
sinking, spinning

back at the beginning

sinking, spinning

jk ideas are flowing suddenly. But not jk on the old material part. Aside from one or two of the tracks I intended for the EP, the rest are garbage.

eating my brain in circles trying to come up with ideas. nothing is good enough. old material is waste. melodies not translating ideas correctly. don’t like this.


Finally have the winners for the remix contest! It was not an easy task as there were a lot of great tracks to go through. Here are the three I picked:

Stained (Fury) - by Melissa Atwell

Stained (29Hz Incantation/Failed Submission Remix)- by…

Really stoked to be a part of this- The Dividing was one of my major inspirations when I was first forming the idea of AE and remains my favorite Android Lust album, so to be a part of the 10th Anniversary re-release is an honor.

Not to mention how awesome it is so many AL fans are this creative- there was no lack in competition!

Oops, I forgot to make a post for this. My remix of Stained by Android Lust for this and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Vinyl Edition of my favorite AL album, “The Dividing.”

A good bit of this remix is comprised of the original recorded parts- I’ve always been a fan of using as much as possible of what’s there while still transforming it into something else. It becomes pretty obvious towards the end that this is the case, but this production in those last bits really pushed what I was comfortable with… forcing me to overload preamps and make feedback loops and process things a million times in both windows and mac os.

I also dug up an old sample I made years ago when the majority of what I was doing was in windows. Glad it finally found a home, even if barely noticeable. As well, a patch I programmed specifically for a track called “Home” found its way on here. It was an awesome experience to get to work on this and give AL an AE spin.

Today’s progress. Oops how did this video get on my phone and then upload~

Remix contest!


I am making a remix kit for “Stained” available. I will pick 3 winners and they’ll be included on the digital portion of “The Dividing - 10th anniversary edition.”

Deadline for submission is November 30, 2013.

Details about the track are included with the download kit. Looking forward to hearing your versions!

Grab the Stained remix kit

So I’m entering this.

So awhile back (about 3-5 years for most of this material) I made some spooky songs.